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The Bosch winning line, a line up you can rely on

5 Year Warranty

All Bosch Winning Line Appliances come with a 5 year extended warranty and is applicable to the following freestanding models only:-

Dishwashers: SMS67MW00G, SMS88TW06G

Washing machines: WAWH8660GB, WAT286H0GB

Tumble dryers: WTWH7561GB, WTWH7660GB

Fridge freezers: KGN34XL35G, KGN36HI32

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Washing Machines

I-DOS Perfectly measures, perfectly washes

Intelligent dosing from Bosch. Just fill your washing machine with detergent and let it do the rest, for perfect laundry, every time.

Each wash is weighed by the automatic load detection.
Automatic soil detection assesses how dirty the clothes are.
Automatically doses the precise amount of detergent.
Water is optimised for every load.

Unlock and Reload – Never miss an item again.

For dropped socks, mistaken items with whites or forgotten clothes, Reload function on Bosch washing machines allows you to add or remove clothing of any size to your wash.
Simply pause the cycle and the machine will automatically adjust the water level to allow you to open the door. Reload your items and restart the wash.

Tumble Dryers

SelfCleaning Condenser Maximum efficiency, minimum maintenance.

Automatic condenser cleaning guarantees a high drying perfomance and offers low energy consumption with an A++ rating for the life of the appliance.
Costs just £3 a month to run*.
*Based on annual consumption of 243kWh across 160 drying cycles a year using an average energy tariff of £0.163.

AutoDry Let the dryer do the checking. Automatically stops when perfectly dry.

Bosch heat pump dryers and washer dryers with AutoDry gently process to a desired stage of dryness.
Sensors measure the temperature and wetness, thereby protecting your laundry from excessively high temperatures, overheating garments, over drying, and shrinking.


VitaFresh Keeps food fresher for longer.

Our VitaFresh technology ensures optimum conditions for all your fresh food, meaning your groceries are preserved for longer.
Store your food at exactly 0°C, and with a humidity setting on the drawer your fridge will be a perfectly controlled environment.
Enjoy fresh food everyday. That’s healthy living.

NoFrost Don’t waste time defrosting your freezer.

Our NoFrost freezers have electronic temperature control, meaning you can set the target temperature precisely and easily. Never defrost again, thanks to perfect protection from ice formation – saving you time and effort.