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Upto £100 cashback with selected Neff appliances

The Perfect Ingredient – Upto £100 cashback on selected Neff appliances

To make a claim The gift will be in the form of Bank Transfer or Cheque. Please note Bank Transfer is only available for Online claims. Claims for the gift in the form of a Cheque will be delivered to the address provided on the claim form. Online: Please visit and follow the onscreen instructions, please note you will need to upload your purchase receipt. Post: Please complete this form and send a copy of your purchase receipt to the following address: The Cow Shed, Walnut Tree Farm, Lower Stretton, Cheshire WA4 4PG. Phone: Please call 01565 656 608 and speak to a colleague who can guide you through the process. Please note claims cannot be made over the phone.
E-Nr Panel Sample The E-Nr panel on the single ovens is on the right inside of the door. On double ovens it is located on the inside of the cavity. On hobs it is underneath and in the instruction manual. On dishwashers it is etched on the metal rim just inside the top of the door. On laundry products it is found on the inside of the door.
E-Nr. T40B31X2GB/01 FD 8911 00468 SAMPLE ONLY
Important information – Promotion only valid for purchases made between 13th February 2019 and 19th March 2019. – Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery of cheque and 28 days for bank transfer from the date of the confirmation of your claim being approved. – One claim form is required per eligible appliance. – Once your claim has been received and validated you will receive a notification. If you have provided an email address this will be sent by email. If not, you will be contacted by letter to your postal address.


B3ACE0AN0B £50.00 B3ACE4HN0B £50.00 B4ACF1AN0B £70.00 B4ACM5HN0B £70.00 B6ACH7HN0B £70.00 B5ACM7HN0B £100.00 C1AMG83N0B £70.00 U1ACE2HN0B £70.00 J1ACE4HN0B £100.00 J1ACE2HN0B £70.00 U1ACI5HN0B £100.00 U2ACM7HN0B £150.00 U1ACE5HN0B £100.00

BI DISHWASHERS S513M60X2G £50.00 S513M60X1G £50.00 S513K60X0G £50.00 S513K60X1G £50.00 S513G60X0G £50.00 S515T80D1G £70.00 S515T80D2G £70.00 S586T60D0G £70.00 S583C50X0G £50.00

BI LAUNDRY W544BX0GB £100.00 W543BX0GB £100.00 V6320X1GB £100.00 V6540X1GB £100.00

HOBS T26DS59N0 £70.00 T27DS59N0 £70.00 T26CS49S0 £50.00 T26BB56N0 £50.00 T27CS59S0 £70.00  T27BB59N0 £50.00 T58UB10X0 £50.00 T56UB50X0 £50.00 T48FD23X0 £50.00 T56FD50X0 £70.00 T58FD20X0 £70.00 T46FD53X0 £50.00

HOODS D94BHM1N0B £70.00 D64BHM1N0B £70.00 D92QBC0N0B £50.00 D62QBC0N0B £50.00 D65IHM1S0B £70.00 D95IHM1S0B £70.00

REFRIGERATION KI7863D30G £70.00 KI7853D30G £70.00 KI7862F30G £50.00 KI6873F30G £70.00 KI6863F30G £70.00 KI5872F30G £50.00 KI5872S30G £50.00 KI5852F30G £50.00 KI5862S30G £50.00 KI5852S30G £50.00 KI2823F30G £70.00 KI1813F30G £70.00 KI2822S30G £50.00 KI1812S30G £50.00 GI7813E30G £70.00 KI8513D30G £70.00 K1514X7GB £50.00 GI1213F30G £50.00 G1524X7GB £50.00
* Open to UK, CI and IOM residents aged 18 and over. To be eligible for NEFF Cashback, entrants must purchase a qualifying NEFF appliance at a participating retailer between 13/02/19 and 19/03/19. All claims must be registered at by midnight on 21/04/19. Proof of purchase required. Date restrictions apply. Only one claim per eligible appliance.