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Save upto £100 on selected Bosch appliances

Save upto £100 on selected Bosch Appliances

Up to £100 cashback* on selected appliances. Reward yourself by letting Bosch make your life easier. Claim ‘up to £100’ off new appliances that come with innovative features like i-DOS, PerfectDry and Cordless Cleaning as standard, it’s the perfect time to update your home. Find out more at
Reliable, Innovative, Rewarding.
Promotion dates: 06.02.19 – 19.03.19. Claims must be received by midnight 19.04.19. Cashback is supplied as a bank transfer or a cheque. *Offer applies to selected models only. Terms and conditions apply.

Online. To make a claim visit Post. If you do not have access to the internet, please complete this form and send it with a copy of your purchase receipt to the following address: Bosch February 19 Cashback promotion, The Cow Shed, Walnut Tree Farm, Lower Stretton, Cheshire, WA4 4PG. All claims must be received by midnight 19.04.19. How to claim. Claims cannot be processed without all of the required information and therefore will not qualify for the promotion. Please ensure that all information requested is completed in full. Once your claim has been received it will be validated. If your claim is unsuccessful we will contact you by either email or letter. To allow us to validate your claim please ensure your attached proof of purchase shows: • Purchase date • Receipt/invoice number • Model number • Retailer name Please ensure you complete this form using the fields provided and write in BLOCK CAPITALS. †These are mandatory fields that must be completed. By submitting your claim you will receive a bank transfer or cheque for your cashback amount. Only postal claims qualify for a cheque payment.

This promotion applies to the following products:


WAN28150GB £50.00 WAN28201GB £50.00 WAN28280GB £50.00 WAN282X0GB £50.00 WAT28371GB £70.00 WAT283S0GB £70.00 WAT28450GB £70.00 WAT28463GB £70.00 WAT32480GB £100.00 WAW32450GB £100.00 WAW325H0GB £100.00 WAWH8660GB £100.00 WAT2840SGB £70.00 WAT286H0GB £100.00 WTN85250GB £50.00 WTN85280GB £50.00 WTW85231GB £50.00 WTW85493GB £70.00 WTW87561GB £100.00 WDU28560GB £100.00 WDU28568GB £100.00 WVG3047SGB £50.00 WVG30462GB £50.00 WVH28424GB £100.00


SMS46MW00G £70.00 SMS46MW01G £70.00 SMS46MW02G £70.00 SMS46MI00G £70.00 SMS46IW09G £70.00 SMS67MW01G £70.00 SMS67MW00G £100.00 SMS88TW06G £120.00 SMS46IW08G £70.00 SMV46GX00G £50.00 SMV46IX01G £50.00 SMV46GX01G £50.00 SMV46KX00G £50.00 SMV46MX00G £50.00 SMV68MD00G £70.00 SMV68TD06G £100.00 SMV46IX00G £50.00 SMV68MD01G £70.00 SMV68MD02G £70.00 SPV66TX00G £70.00 SPV66TX01E £70.00


Ovens & Hobs HBS534BS0B £50.00 HBS573BS0B £50.00 CMA583MS0B £50.00 HBA5570S0B £70.00 HBA5780S0B £70.00 CMA585MS0B £70.00 HBG5585S0B £100.00 HBG5785S0B £100.00 CFA634GS1B £100.00 CMG633BS1B £100.00 HBG634BS1B £100.00 HBG673BS1B £100.00 HBG674BS1B £100.00 PIE651BB1E £100.00 PIE845BB1E £100.00 PWP631BB1E £50.00 PWP631BF1B £50.00 PUE611BB1E £50.00


KGN34VL35G £50.00 KGN34VB35G £50.00 KGN34XL35G £70.00 KGN36VW35G £70.00 KGN36AI35G £70.00 KGN36HI32 £100.00 KGN36VL35G £70.00 KGN39VW35G £70.00 KGN39VL35G £70.00 KGN39VL3AG £70.00 KGN34VW35G £50.00 KGN49XW30 £70.00 KGN49XL30G £70.00 KGE36VW4A £70.00 KGE49VW4AG £70.00 KGE49VI4AG £70.00 KGN36IJ3AG £100.00 KGN39IJ3AG £100.00 KSV36VW3PG £100.00 KSV36VL3PG £100.00 GSN36VW3VG £100.00 GSN36VL3PG £100.00 GSN58AW30G £100.00

BI Cooling

KIV32X23GB £70.00 KIV38X22GB £70.00 KIN86AD30G £100.00 KIN85AF30G £100.00 KIN86VF30G £70.00 KIS87AF30G £100.00 KIS86AF30G £100.00 KIV87VF30G £70.00 KIV87VS30G £70.00 KIV86VS30G £70.00 KIV85VF30G £70.00 KIV85VS30G £70.00 KIR81AF30G £100.00 KIL82AF30G £100.00 KIR81VS30G £70.00 KIL82VS30G £70.00 GIN81AE30G £100.00 KIR41AF30G £100.00 KUL15A60GB £50.00 KUR15A50GB £50.00 GUD15A50GB £50.00

Food Preparation

MUM59340GB £50.00 MUM9G32S00 £50.00 MUM9GX5S21 £50.00 MCM3100WGB £15.00 MCM3200WGB £15.00 MCM3500MGB £15.00 MCM3301BGB £15.00 MCM3501MGB £15.00 MCM4100GB £15.00 MC812S734G £15.00 MC812M853G £15.00 MMB43G3BGB £20.00 MMBH6P6BGB £50.00


BCH732KTGB £100.00 BCH6PETGB £50.00 BCH7PETGB £100.00 BBH3251GB £30.00 BCS101GB £50.00 BCS111GB £75.00 BCS122GB £100.00

Garment Care

TDS8040GB £70.00 TDI9020GB £30.00

Breakfast & Beverage

TAT7203GB £10.00 TWK7203GB £10.00

Terms and conditions (06.02.19 ‒ 19.03.19) 1. The Bosch February 19 Cashback promotion is the offer by the Promoter of a gift of up to £100 (the “Gift”) to purchasers on purchases of selected Bosch Laundry, Dishwashers, Ovens, Hobs, Hoods, Cooling, Floorcare, Food Preparation, Garment Care, Kettles and Toasters. Purchases must be made between 06.02.2019 and 19.03.2019 and for which the Promoter has received a completed and valid claim before Midnight on 19.04.19. Please note that the Gift will be in the form of a bank transfer or a cheque which will be delivered to the address provided on the online claim form, postal claims will only be eligible for a cheque. 2. No other offers can be claimed in conjunction with the Bosch February 19 Cashback promotion a. This is a consumer only promotion and full details of the Cashback breakdown are available at The Bosch February 19 Cashback promotion only applies to purchases of the Bosch appliances with the corresponding value of Cashback as shown in tables above. 3. Purchases of graded, seconds, replacements and imperfect products and all appliances purchased on a trade or contract basis (i.e. non consumer purchases) are excluded from the promotion. 4. The promotion is open to residents of the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland only, excluding employees of the Promoter and employees and close family members of retailers. 5. The promotion, which starts on 06.02.19 and runs until 19.03.19, only applies to purchases made on or between these dates. Claims must be received by the Promoter before Midnight on 19.04.19 and the Promoter will not accept any claims received subsequently. 6. The Promotion is offered via participating retailers only and only participating retailers will have the official advertising literature. 7. How to Claim: a. In order to claim the Gift, claimants must fully complete the online claim form (including full Receipt, ENR number and full address if selecting cheque). The online claim form is available on or collect a claim form from participating retailers, and submit this by post to ‘Bosch February 19 Cashback promotion’, The Cow Shed, Walnut Tree Farm, Lower Stretton, Cheshire WA4 4PG. BSH Home Appliances Ltd, Grand Union House, Old Wolverton Road, Milton Keynes MK12 5PT b. A copy of original purchase receipts must be sent with all claim forms. For the avoidance of doubt, copies of deposit receipts and/or order confirmations will not be accepted. Purchasers can call the helpline 01565 656 766 for assistance between 9.00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday; however cannot submit a claim by telephone. (Local rate number, please check with your telephone provider for exact call costs and we may record and monitor calls). 8. Claims are posted at claimants risk and proof of sending is not proof of receipt. 9. The Promoter reserves the right to investigate and undertake all such action, as is reasonable, to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid claims including, without limitation, to require claimants to provide further verification as to proof of purchase. In addition, the Promoter reserves the right to reject those claims which are, in their opinion, fraudulent or invalid. 10. Claimants should allow up to 6 weeks for delivery of the Cheque & 28 days for Bank Transfer from the date of the Promoter’s confirmation of claim approval. 11. All claim forms and copy purchase order receipts, once received by the Promoter, will become its property and will not be returned to claimants therefore please ensure you keep a copy. 12. By submitting a claim, claimants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. 13. In the unlikely event that a claimant is unhappy with their Bosch appliance and wishes to return it for a full refund, such refund is conditional upon return of the ‘Gift’ i.e. the Cashback. 14. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw, extend or amend the terms of this promotion at any time due to circumstances beyond its control. 15. All correspondence should be sent to The Bosch February 19 Cashback promotion, The Cow Shed, Walnut Tree Farm, Lower Stretton, Cheshire WA4 4PG. 16. The Data Controller and Data Processor (as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679)) is the Marketing Lounge Partnership of The Cow Shed, Walnut Tree Farm, Lower Stretton, Cheshire WA4 4PG